About iVISEC

iVISEC is a modular system which is easily expandable via API integration with other information systems or operational technologies. Since the very foundation of the company, iVISEC has been working in the area of video surveillance as well as personal and property security. The main goal of iVISEC is to be the nucleus of the umbrella system, the so-called Master Situational Management System (MSMS). This comprehensive solution allows users to get situational awareness and perception of issues in context to make appropriate decisions.

Pruduct Description

iVISEC has been built on cutting edge technology and the latest trends as well as our almost twenty years of experience with these types of systems. The core of our system is built around the handling and further processing of events from various technological sources.

The development of the innovated software product iVISEC® was co-financed by a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in the program The Country For The Future, contract no. FX03030059.

Key features

  • Event processing
  • Extensible by new modules
  • Multiplatform solution
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • Simple, intuitive and modern design
  • Usable in different industries
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