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IVISEC™ is our new integration platform which was developed to replace ECCs™. IVISEC™ easily satisfies all features and functions of ECCs™ and in addition is faster, safer and has improved user accessibility and design.


OPSU, the Operational Preparation of State Territory, is a part of the national defense system. It is used mainly to work with structures within the defense infrastructure of the Czech Republic.


This is our first generation integration platform. Prague security control centers have been using our systems for more than 10 years and we are proud to be able to participate in improving the security of the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Why choose us

We have always been keen to see our efforts come to fruition and this is still our main focus.

  • We love what we are doing and because of that we make the greatest effort possible.
  • We know that the difference between a good and perfect product is in the details.
  • We always do our utmost to make our products even better but we know that the only way to improve them is to listen to our customers who we believe are always right.

We have more than 20 years experience and because of that we know how to build our systems.

  • Protecting states, cities, structures and perimeters
  • Working for inteligence organizations
  • Integrating technologies and systems from a variety of fields

Incredible Support Team

  • Our 24/7/365 support is truly outstanding
  • We have a team full of enthusiastic young people who are eager to learn new things and who love to overcome challenges.
  • Our software training will make you feel as if you have been using our products for ever

Our Expertise

Security & Protection






The IVISEC™ system was designed with the emphasis placed on the ability to integrate any technology or system without limitation. Each technology is a source of information which is processed by the system.


Information received from the integrated technologies is categorized and stored as notifications and then it is forwarded to our system for further processing./p>


Each notification is processed and evaluated by configurable conditions and rules, which conclusively define system responses from simple storing to the creation of new events. All occurring events are forwarded to client stations for processing.




The system can react to incoming notifications with automatic responses such as implementing preset actions, or, based on received notifications, it can offer a selection of actions which the user can choose from and manually implement.


When a user is solving an event, the system can guide him step by step with a preset workflow. The workflow defines possible states for each type of event and the process by which such events can be solved.


The history of received notifications and user actions within an event can be further analyzed and evaluated thanks to advanced reporting tools.



Some of our key clients

We always adhere to the principles on which our company was founded. Our main goal is to keep our clients happy and cooperate with them in an effort to constantly improve our system.

The proof that we have managed to fulfill our goals, are our satisfied clients from many different fields, such as government, local authorities, major industrial corporations and small business partners.

Our Partners

Our key partners



Competence & Expertise

Security & Protection

We have more then 20 years experience in security and protection. Our systems are protecting states, cities, structures and perimeters.


We have integrated many technologies and systems from all around the world. Our system has constantly been developed with the emphasis placed on simplifying user work and experience.


In order to protect and secure structures it is always necessary to combine dispatcher work with technology and automation so they can do the best possible job. With our newly developed incident processing it is possible to automate practically everything in clearly laid-out and simple diagrams.
  • Security & Protection

  • Integration

  • Automation




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